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Creative Cakes: Hemingway Book Replica

Hemingway Cake Replica
by Lisa McCaffrey
Pepper's Pastry Chef

A customer came in recently and wanted to create a birthday cake for his daughter at the last minute, unfortunately he had no idea what he was looking for. We sat down and together had a discussion about Amanda and the kind of person she is, her likes and interests. I soon found out that his daughter was a huge Ernest Hemingway fan and that his birthday gift to her would be her favorite Hemingway book. This gave me a great idea: to replicate the book! Her father soon came back to pick up the cake and was beyond thrilled when he saw 'The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway' in the form of a hardcover book-shaped cake. He loved it so much that he said that they weren’t even going to eat it. Another beautiful cake and happy customer.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Community Give-Back: Rainbow's Garden Stand

Rainbow Child Development Center Community Give-Back

Rainbow Child Development Center announces Rainbow's Young Entrepreneurs - aka Rainbow’s Kidpreur$, Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas!

This Thursday July 2nd from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rainbow Child Development Center will participate in Worcester's 'Out to Lunch' Summer Concert Series & Farmers' Market on the historic Worcester Common.

Rainbow’s Kidpreur$ will be selling fresh veggies from Rainbow’s garden, Basil Lemonade and energizing Fruit Infused Water. Refreshments will be served from the Center’s beautiful new merchandising cart donated by Pepper’s Fine Catering.

The Center is taking its nutrition and healthy lifestyle program to a new level……namely introducing children to Entrepreneurship while learning how to develop a career path.

For a fun way to kick off this 4th of July Holiday - stop by Rainbow’s Merchandising Cart and enjoy a refreshing glass of Basil Lemonade. (Check out the children’s outstanding customer service!)



Chef Inspiration: Creative Interests & Presentation



chef inspiration


By: Chris Lawrence

As a chef at Pepper's Fine Catering for over 25 years I am passionate about food and presentation. I enjoy creating a memorable visual presentation and using different types of foods as authentically as possible.

While designing food presentations for our clients, I try to use the most creative and visually stimulating formats. I work at creating a lasting impression for our customers by arranging great food that always looks as good as it tastes. I'm left with a great deal of pride when our clients comment on my work, which continues to insprire and motivate me to research and try new ideas.

My passion extends to working in the organic garden at Pepper's and at my home. In my home garden I love to recycle and make homemade compost. For the first bed in my back yard, I made a bean crawler out of tomato stakes and rope, and in the second bed I used chicken wire and twigs to make a cucumber support. Both structures are currently working quite well, very exciting!

*photos (upper three) -  The Imagery Studio 






Bidding for a cause

Looking for a unique gift while supporting a truly special organization and its mission?

How about a Napa Valley vacation,  Rob Gronkowski autographed football or an hors d’oeuvres party catered by Pepper's Fine Catering?   

Look no further !   

Pepper's is proud to support The Schwartz Center For Children’s live auction – now on-line at:

Bidding For Good  

This auction is in conjunction with their annual “Fishing For A Cause” tournament and gala dinner on June 27, 2015.

The Schwartz Center for Children, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, is a 70 year old community based provider of education, therapy and medical care for children with special medical and developmental needs.  The love and care they offer children and their families is phenomenal and truly wonderful to see.

So get ahead of your holiday and other gift-giving needs and bid on some one-of-a-kind gifts and experiences! 

Graduation Season: Mocktails Anyone?


Graduation Season: Mocktails Anyone?

Mocktails….oh my!

Everyone enjoys a delicious cocktail at a party, but a “mocktail” bar can be just as fun, especially for a younger crowd! A pre-prom party or graduation are perfect events for mixing up a few “mocktails” for the teenagers. This can be set up just like a regular bar with fancy glassware, decorative signage & décor and all of the typical bar fixings - minus the alcohol, of course.

Consider mixing up an Arnold Palmer with a lemon wedge or a lovely Lavender Lemonade with a pretty fresh Lavender sprig. It’s so easy! Squeeze some lemons and limes to make fresh juices, brew a pot of sun tea and ice it down and then add some fun ice cubes to your drink with frozen berries or fresh herbs inside! Top your drinks off with a fun straw or garnish and ENJOY!  

The possibilities are endless...



Bridal Shower Season: Time to Celebrate!





Bridal shower season is here once again and that means it’s time to celebrate! This cake was made for a special bride whose shower was held at Cyprian Keyes Country Club. The bride wanted something in pale pastel colors with an elegant look. We selected shades in pale pink and pale green with simple chic pearl drops and fresh flowers. The cake flavor had to be something absolutely delicious! We decided on a double tiered round cake with two separate distinct flavors. The first tier was our popular Pink Lemonade cake, a delicious three layered cake in pink ombre colors, filled with fresh lemon curd. The second tier was a hit for the chocolate lovers, an amazing chocolate raspberry fudge combination.

After the shower, the bride (Gail Arcieri) let us know how much she and her guests enjoyed the cake with this great feedback: “We LOVED it! As a matter of fact, people thought it was one of those fake ones because it looked so pretty!! We put some rose petals around it on the display table which was just enough to set it off. Thanks so much-it was a big hit and we told everyone where we got it!!” 

Riverbend Gala: Hoedown Hooplah

Riverbend Hoedown

YEE HAW For Fundraisers!


Over 130 guests donned their finest western duds – boots, denim, bandanas and cowboy hats – and headed to Elm Bank for Riverbend Montessori School’s recent “Hoedown” in support of the South Natick school.   


Peppers Fine Catering’s Style and Design team loved coordinating creative theme details including building custom swinging saloon doors at the entrance, “cowboy and cowgirl” signs for the rest rooms, hay bale and whiskey barrel lounge seating areas, and a coordinating buffet display.


An old west dinner included spit-roasted pork loin cooking outside for guests to see as they arrived and to smell the flavors that awaited them at dinner.


Guests danced to a lively country-western band, while a caller got the crowd to participate in new and favorite line dances.


Talk about putting the FUN in your fundraising!  



Brighten up your table: Rhubarb Salad


Rhubarb Salad




What does your Spring taste like?

After this past Winter, many are saying, "Thank goodness"!

But seriously, what local foods do you look most forward to every Spring?

Ramps, Asparagus, Peas, Rhubarb, uuurrrrppp?


* Rhubarb isn’t on your short list seasonal Spring food sourced from local farms?

* Rhubarb only goes with strawberry and it’s in a crust !


Stop for a minute and ponder these rhubarb ideas...

* Made into a chutney and napped over grilled chicken

* Roasted with golden & Chioggia beets and combined with Berkshire Blue Cheese

* Pickled sweet & sour rhubarb over deviled eggs

* Wheatberry Field Green & Spelt Salad, Rhubarb Mint Dressing


OK, are you still with me?

We spoke with one of our favorite local food sources, farmer Tim Wheeler over at Indian Head Farm, in Berlin, the other day and he expects to see his first of the season Rhubarb in his food stand in mid-May. His asparagus is in and it is yummy. Rush on over and prepare this terrific salad.


We'd like to suggest trying a Spring Salad with a roasted beet combo, roasted rhubarb, local blue cheese and orange section garnish as a delightful first course for Spring/Early Summer Entertaining.


Beet, Blue Cheese and Rhubarb Salad

2 Lbs. Beets, peel and cut into bite size pieces

3/4 Lb. Rhubarb, cut into 1/2" pieces

1/4 cup Sugar

2 tbsp. Kosher Salt

1 tbsp. Pomegranate Molasses

1 tbsp. Sherry Vinegar

2 tbsp. Maple Syrup

1/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil

2 pinch Allspice

1 each Red Onion, peeled, cut in half, then strips (julienne)

1 cup Parsley, coarse chop

4 oz. Blue Cheese, Berkshire Blue or other creamy Blue Cheese

Salt and fresh peppers grinds

Pre-heat a 375 degree oven set on convection.

Combine the cut up beets, dust with kosher salt and 3 tbsp. of the olive oil in a bowl and toss for 20 seconds.

Place the beets on a cookie sheet and roast till softened. 30 minutes should be close.

Combine the rhubarb with the sugar and a splash of olive oil and also roast for about 10 - 12 minutes, let cool.

Place the vinegar, molasses, maple syrup, remaining oil, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, a

few grinds of pepper, along with the onion into a bowl and let this sit for 15- 20 minutes to soften the onion a bit.

Combine this mixture with the roasted beets and give everything a stir or toss.

Add in the blue cheese and rhubarb to the above ingredients and give it a gentle mix.

Taste, adjust the salt & pepper and serve, topped with the chopped parsley or arugula sprouts.



Wedding Table Design: The Vintage Traveler

Wedding Table Design: Traveler



Sometimes a couple wants to design their wedding around something they love, so we decided to design a table around something we love, travel! To bring in some rich colors and develop the look, we decided to go a more vintage route with our triage theme. We started with a dark moody green linen and added a more classic design for our place settings.

Next, we wanted to build up our centerpiece to make a real statement. We created multiple levels with stacked vintage books and an old travel chest. Having multiple levels allows the eye to bounce between all the different design elements, which adds interest and dimension. We used two vintage silver vessels for our florals and added quail feathers for texture and height. Next we found a mini globe and painted it black and the stand gold. Then we hand-painted the table number on both sides of the globe so the guests could approach from any angle and be able to see the table number. Last but not least, we incorporated paper elements.

To tie into the vintage feel, we wrote our menu and place cards by hand in white calligraphy and then added foil to tie into the gold on the spines of our vintage books. A table like this can't help but make the special couple excited for their honeymoon!

Wedding Table Design: Quirky and Bright



quirky and bright table design


Some couples want to be completely unique, and we think they should have a wedding table design that is different from the rest! Though the previous wedding tables we've talked about, Rustic Romance and Modern Romance  are beautiful and unique in their own right, sometimes, we like to do something a little... quirky! 

Bringing the Wedding Quirky Table to Life

For this table, we started with a bright chartreuse ikat and these white animal head vases. We filled the vases with bright flowers and greens to set the mood. Next we created this completely unique table number out of wood, nails and string. We think the table number is a perfect piece of graphic art! Next, to add another dimension to the table, we mixed different graphic china patterns to create a graphic place setting. Last but not least, we designed a modern and graphic menu and a place card that slides right onto the water glass, just another perfect little design detail that helps bring our quirky table to life!

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