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"It's My Party..." - Bar & Bat Mitzvahs



Bar and Bat Mitzvah resized 600

* 1st and 2nd image courtesy of Le Petite Studio

Dessert Displays: Shimmery Black, Gold and White


Our bakery at Pepper's Catering creates stunning cakes and delicious desserts to fit any event. In our style and design department, we like to create displays that show all those delicious confections in the best possible way!

 Dessert Display

Glamorous Dessert Display

We created this dessert display for a modern glamorous wedding in a palette of black, gold, and white. We started with a black glitter backdrop, black linen, and a white gold sequin runner- I mean, you really can't go wrong when you start with sequins! We added paper flower garlands to the backdrop to add more color and interest with the different colors and lengths. The next layer consisted of glass elements, like glass cake stands in a variety of shapes and heights to highlight all the different desserts. With glass cloches on the two accent cakes, we add a little more detail and another layer of detail. With tall glass vases on the ends, each holding a single tulip, we bring in extra height to frame the entire display. Our last and most important detail: the desserts! Each one is perfectly crafted and is a work of art on it's own!

Dessert displays are the perfect way to wow your guests after their dinner and fortify their stomachs before a night of dancing! Contact us to learn how we can help you create a beautiful dessert display for your next event.

Style & Design Inspiration: Living Art


Are you looking for a way to create a memorable event? Here at Pepper's Catering, we're always looking for ways to shake things up and do something new. We’ve recently created a new way to serve hors d'oeuvres, with living art!

living art

We were inspired by those “living statues” that you see in busy cities and parks (check out these great examples). We created large frames and dressed up our amazing servers as famous works of art. Here you'll see one of our servers dressed as Johannes Vermeer’s painting, Girl With The Pearl Earring, serving some of our delicious pear and marscapone tuilles.

Whether it’s a row of three pieces of "living art" serving different delicious hors d'oeuvres or just one as an added focal point, it's an impactful and memorable addition to any event! We always strive to create artistic dishes, and now we can serve directly from a piece of art!                                                                                                                                                                                                   






Wedding Table Design: Modern Romance


by Style & Design

designing a table modern romance resized 600

  Designing the perfect wedding table can be daunting. There are so many elements to consider, the linen, the table setting and flatware, the centerpiece, your table number, menu, place card and even favors! Here at Pepper’s, our Style and Design department can design each and every one of those elements for you. This is a wedding table we recently designed for the modern romantic. We love this petal organza, it adds dimension and interest to any table. We have balanced the frilly linen with a sleek and sparkly place setting by pairing the petal organza with a modern gold flatware and bead rimmed charger.. To bring in some color, we did some blush watercolor washes for our graphic elements, here we've once again paired a romantic element with a more modern detail. By juxtaposing different styles, we keep the table from feeling over the top girly frou-frou, and instead, it feels modern and romantic. The round menu under the charger, the table number, the place cards, and the favor tags all tie into one another, with consistent fonts, colors and design. We also love the idea of "S'more love" with a to-go s'more favor, and your guests will love it too! When all the elements of your wedding relate to one another, the whole thing feels perfect. Last but not least, the centerpiece! We started with a large protea as our focal floral, then built around it with ranunculus, brunia berries and various greens. When every element is considered, you're guaranteed a wedding table to impress!



Style & Design: Custom Portable Beer Tap Wall


by Style & Design


beer wall resized 600

One of the things that makes Pepper's Fine Catering great is our ability to serve brilliant food and create a stunning displays in any setting. From museums, to event halls, to isolated fields, we promise a perfect event. We recently added to our arsenal of decor props by building this custom beer tap wall.

With a faux brick and bead board facade, wood display shelves, and lovely beer tap pulls, this facade is reminiscent of a traditional pub. We can hook up one of our custom brewed beers, a popular seasonal favorite, a cider or even something you may have brewed yourself. With four separate taps, you have lots of possibilities! We even have mini 4oz beer steins if you want your guests to have a beer tasting experience, or, you can give your guests their own mason jar mugs that they can refill all night long! You can set it up as a serve yourself station, or as a backbar to one of our fully stocked bars so that one of our talented bartenders can serve up your guest in style. For a wedding, a gala event or house party, we've got you covered!

Learn more about our Style & Design services here.

Pepper's Holiday Magic


by Style & Design

holiday magic resized 600

It's not too late to add some Pepper's magic to your holiday party! We're still taking bookings for the end of the year, so dazzle your guests with delicious appetizers, entrancing entrees and decadent desserts! With custom flower arrangements, sparkling decor, and glowing candle light, we promise you a magical end to 2014!


Spectacular Holiday Table Design


by Caitlin Spaulding

Style & Design

pettersons1 resized 600
Peterson Party Centeris one of Pepper's favorite places to rent all of our beautiful linens, china, and flatware that can take an event from lovely, to spectacular. They have recently asked us to design a table for their show room, and we decided to embrace the start of the holiday season. With a graphic gold pattern as our starting point, we added a gold sequin runner for a little sparkle. Then there was the question of the centerpiece, when a table is set for over two months, that means fresh flowers are not an option. So we got inspired by sputnik mid-century designs and created these big impactful gold spheres as our main focal point.

pettersons2 resized 600

With a mix of white and grey graphic china, Peterson's new modern gold flatware, a striking green glass, and pleated napkins, we were almost done! To add a personal touch, we hand made calligraphy place cards (which Pepper's now does in house!) and matching tags for our delicious truffles made in Pepper's own bakery.
                      Now we feel ready to take on the holiday season! Are you?


Good Living & Great Chicken


Good Living & Great Chicken


Recently Susan and John visited Murray’s Chicken Farm in the Amish area of PA to meet with some of the farmers who raise our chicken as well as visit the plant that prepares these chickens for our catering clients.



Now you may wonder:

  1. Why we would make such a trek at our own expense?

  2. How do you feel about Murray’s family farmed chicken after seeing such a “behind the scenes” look?

  1. Were the chickens given free range, great feed, treated humanely, etc.?

To see and speak with farmers and the staff at the processing plant who are as passionate about what they do each day to produce the best product they can, as we see in our staff, was very moving to say the least.

We know that Murray’s Chicken is unparalleled in taste as we've tasted 3 other well-known national & regional brands of chicken. Murray’s won the taste test, hands down. Now we have an even better grasp of their program. Murray’s chickens have plenty of room to roam (creative toys in which to romp & play), fresh air (cooled on hot days) along with pristine water and a nutritious vegetarian diet of corn and soybeans.

The farms are even inspected by the ASPCA and given their approval of ethical treatment. 


Everything that Murray’s Chicken has done has been ahead of the market.




They were the:

  1. First antibiotic free raised chicken.

  2. First to be approved by the American Heart Association.

  3. First to be Certified Humane.

  4. The only chicken label approved by the USDA to have the word “lean” on the labels.

How fresh, you might ask?

We observed chickens that were being processed on Tuesday that were delivered to our kitchen on Thursday. From the farmer who is raising these happy birds to the trim staff who are hand cutting our wings and other parts, we walked away from our 2 day visit with Murray’s with total satisfaction that all of Murray’s claims are factual and earn the right to state that they raise their tasty birds in a kind and humane way. We are proud that we are a Murray’s customer.



Rustic Wedding Design


It’s not often that you get to design a wedding from top to bottom, but with Matt and Sandie’s wedding this past week, we were able to do just that! I met with the bride and groom to walk through the Southborough Community Center, a lovely old house set on a beautiful property, to get an idea of what Pepper’s could do to bring their wedding vision to life. As we walked thorough each room, Sandie told me her vision, of rustic romance with lots of personal touches. She had bought plenty of pieces already that she wanted me to incorporate, so I went back to the design studio and started sketching, I sent over my sketches and a proposal and we were on our way, with a plan of building special pieces, staging pretty areas, and creating lots of floral arrangements!

Photo Backdrop

We started by building an interactive photo display, which was placed on the deck by the front door. I used vintage doors to create a photo backdrop, created signage for the door and more directional signage (and you can’t forget # info for photos!) We then added hooks and family photos so that all the guests could pose with the couple even when they were occupied elsewhere! With a couple more props and hay bales to sit on, it was the perfect place for the couple and guests to pose for photos! We love photo stations because they can create some of the most fun photos a couple has of their guests!

Table Decor

Next was the welcome table in the entryway. We wanted to create a first impression upon entering the house, something that really gave the guests a clear idea of what the whole look and feel was. We built this with an old door as the top and wooden wine boxes as the legs. I then drew up a custom welcome sign and set up a little rustic-vintage vignette with old trunks, letters, and little drawers full of flowers. The bride and her kids had created these fun windows with photos and writing and wanted us to include them in the décor, so I thought the perfect place for this one was on the gift table, we paired it with their gift box, another sign made here at Peppers, and more flower arrangements, it was the perfect place for guests to drop off their gifts and cards for the couple.

Ceremony Decor

After signing the guest book, guests headed into the great room for the ceremony, which was full of design details! First, we made this custom wood marquee sign especially for the couple, with hand painted details and vintage bulb lights, it was the perfect focal point for the fireplace where the couple would say their vows. Next we created this lovely floral garland for the fireplace and filled bud vases with flowers to give it some extra impact. Then we stacked wooden apple crates and filled them with flowers to more clearly define the ceremony area. It was a truly magical place for Sandie and Matt to say “I do!”

 Bar and Buffet

Last but not least, and of course for Pepper’s, one of our favorite parts: the food & drinks! For the bar, we built another backdrop of vintage doors, and created a marquee sign to designate the bar area. This was a cocktail style party, with lots of delicious little bites and appetizers for the guests to nosh on all evening long. So along with delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, we created this rustic stationary display for the tasty morsels that would be out all night long. With apple crates, a giant vintage spool top, a hand written menu sign and plenty of floral arrangements, this food display fit perfectly with the rest of the décor!

We wish Matt and Sandie all of our best wishes and thank them for letting us bring their wedding vision to life!

Revolutionary Themed - Old Manse Gala in Concord



Pepper’s had the great pleasure to cater and design a Gala for the Trustees of the Reservation at the Old Manse property in Concord Massachusetts this summer, and since we’re not quite ready to accept that summer is over, we thought we’d share it now! We love events like this, that have not only a delicious menu but also lots of style and design elements for Pepper’s to design, create, and set up for clients!

Old Manse Gala

The Trustees of the Reservation decided on a Revolutionary war theme, and even had a Revolutionary reenactment, muskets blazing and all!

 Rustic Cheese Display

On top of the passed hors d’oeuvres, we wanted to have an impressive cheese station for this event as there would be plenty of time while watching the revolutionary reenactment for guests to snack. With stacked wine crates for height and tea dyed reproductions of historical documents to add a historical feel to it all.

Rum Bar

We carried this look through to our a delicious rum bar with copper cups, and our own wine barrel display.

 Antique Book and Vessel Centerpieces

When guests moved into the tent for dinner, they were lead to their tables with centerpieces of antique books and vessels filled with flowers. We actually scoured antique shops for all the unique vessels and books found at each table. Complimenting the antique books with newer hardbacks that were all spray painted and then hand painted with gold accents on the spine to make them blend in with the older books. We then built some lovely floral arrangements in everything from antique teapots to vintage metal beer steins.

Dessert Display 

Last but not least was our opulent dessert display, with all our tasty treats displayed on gilded mirrors, surrounded by candlelight, with a backdrop of colonial flag bunting. We loved creating all the design elements to complement this event and the property.

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